Alko, Helsinki, FI (11-23-2018)

If you’re going to have smoked fish and cheese and all sorts of other Finnish delicacies, you might as well get yourself some beer or wine to go with it. In the Old Markethall (Venha Kauppahalli), that function is provided by the Alko shop.

It’s a small shop and it is definitely tightly packed with booze of all flavors and types. Coolers with some chilled but the majority is at room temperature.

Wines from all around the world. Prices are better for more local stuff, but I did see a Port wine from one of the wineries I tasted in Porto here and it was not cheap.

[Review 10068 overall, 1653 of 2018.]

Link: Alko, Helsinki, FI (11-23-2018)

2018-11-16 14.01.03

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