Kampin metroasema, Helsinki, FI (11-21-2018)

The deepest station on the Helsinki metro at 102 feet below ground level, you’ll notice it when you’re on the really long escalator up to the surface. It goes on and on for a bit.

At the surface, the station is underneath a decent shopping mall with quite a lot of retail shopping. Like other Helsinki stations I visited, it is clean and well lit and handicapped accessible. There is no graffiti and no trash.

Kamppi is on the M1/M2 line between Ruoholahti and Rautatientori. It is also a tram and bus station at the surface.

[Review 10055 overall, 1640 of 2018.]

Link: Kampin metroasema, Helsinki, FI (11-21-2018)

2018-11-16 10.08.28

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