American Bar, Helsinki, FI (11-21-2018)

Last stop of our first night of the impromptu drinking tour of downtown Helsinki, we managed to find a great spot to stop here that actually had a table open. Many of the other spots we tried at 9:30 PM were full or tables were reserved. We landed here and they had a table!

Beers, wine, a big cup of spiced peanuts. We were here for close to two hours.

American Bar is in the “0” level of the Hotel Torni. If the sun has already set and you’re not headed to the rooftop bar, this is the best spot for a round of drinks.

[Review 10053 overall, 1638 of 2018.]

Link: American Bar, Helsinki, FI (11-21-2018)

2018-11-15 21.35.34

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