Helsinki-Vantaan Lentoasema, Vantaa, FI (11-20-2018)

Welcome to Finland, I arrived here on a Schengen zone flight from Amsterdam so there was no immigration or customs to deal with here. As well, I had no checked baggage so I didn’t have to wait on carousels. Off the plane and out to the arrivals hallway. Super easy as this is not that large of an airport.

Finding the way to transportation was easy. The signage for the train is clear and there are plenty of arrows. It is a decent walk but the floors are smooth and there are elevators and escalators where needed. At the train platform, signage towards central station and ticketing kiosks. The train to central station took 30 minutes.

Returning to the airport for my departure at crazy o’clock, the international flights were in Terminal 2. The trams don’t run this early so we Ubered. Finnair at one end for my friend and KLM at the other end for me. The drive from downtown was about 30 minutes and cost €50. (Check Uber before taxi, you might save.)

Security was a very easy breeze with taking out laptops and iPads and segregated liquids. All back into the back after the xray and into the airside. Thankfully, there is a “scentless” bypass immediately to the right so I could avoid the perfumery.

Lots of food options. Lots of shopping options. And a reasonably comfortable airline lounge that I was allowed to access as a Delta Diamond with a Sky Club membership.

Free wifi throughout the airport.

Jetbridges to deplane and to reboard. I’m definitely a fan.

[Review 10045 overall, 1630 of 2018.]

Link: Helsinki Airport, Vantaa, FI (11-20-2018)

2018-11-15 13.11.02

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