Helsinki airport train station, Vantaa, FI (11-20-2018)

Like all too many cities, the airport is located a good distance from the downtown center. Helsinki is one of those cities. But like some of the better ones, there is a nice, simple, easy system to get you between the two!

Getting from the arrivals hall to the train station is a bit of a walk but it’s well lit, it’s smooth, and there is plenty of signage so that you can be sure that you’re going the right way.

Easy handicapped access with escalators and elevators down to the platform level.

At the platform, there are a couple of helpers but I’m an old pro at these things and I was easily able to work out the cost for the ticket and purchase it with a €20 note. After taking out the €5 for the ticket, I now have 15 €1 coins.

What I have since learned is that there’s an app – HSL – and you can purchase your ticket on the app, saving you 50 cents and tons of hassle.

This was a great welcome-to-Helsinki experience and I’m sure my visit is off on a good footing.

[Review 10046 overall, 1631 of 2018.]

Link: Lentoaseman asema, Vantaa, FI (11-20-2018)

2018-11-15 13.37.15

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