Bryggeri, Helsinki, FI (11-20-2018)

Starting off my brief weekend in Helsinki with a bang, my friends and I landed here for dinner on our first night. Warmly welcomed at the bottom of the stairs, we were fortunate to be early enough that there were a couple of tables available before the dinner rush starts to arrive. Finns seem to start dinner a little later, and we were already a little jet lagged so we’re having dinner at 6:30 pm which is actually closer to 12:30pm in our heads. A bottle of wine, a few very good beers and a main course here.

I had their witbier and it was excellent. Nice, strong flavor. Very cold. Beautiful glass. A proper pour. Delicious beer.

For main course, the elk sausages were excellent. Not very thick – maybe half an inch – and covered with lingonberries. The sausages were rich and very flavorful. Easy to eat with knife and fork. Absolutely excellent.

The menus are printed in Finnish and English. Prices are clear. Each item offers a wine and beer recommendation.

On of my favorite meals in Helsinki!

[Review 10044 overall, 1629 of 2018.]

2018-11-15 18.59.06

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