Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, NL (11-19-2018)

Back to AMS after 8 years and I’m very displeased with my four experiences here in Amsterdam this month and last month.

The main complaint is using a bus rather than a jetbridge to a hard stand. Then we got to sit/stand on the bus for 15 minutes because the gate agents boarded the bus too early and the plane wasn’t ready.

Last month, I was traveling alone and so I decided to take the slightly faster route through passport control with my EU passport. Nope, sorry. The automated passport machines were offline. Except they came back online after I’d already waited 20 minutes in the queue. Suck!

The second time, I was traveling with friends and I decided to wait in the queue with them. This time, the machines were open but not all of them. The queue took 30 minutes from start to finish to get past the machine. Suck!

There are a number of narrow choke points where a lot of traffic passes through the airport and around corners. The main hallway is one of them and it’s not wide enough by half. Lots of people who have nothing better to do than dawdle while there are quite a lot of people that have somewhere to be at a specific time. Stupid, stupid!

Bathrooms are hit and miss. Some were clean and some were in need of service.

The “intercontinental” KLM Crown Room is too small and way too crowded. When you can not even find a seat in the entire space, that’s too many people. Fix this, KLM.

About the only decent plus here is the free wifi works well and there are a reasonable number of EU-style power outlets to be found.

CDG is not much better.

[Review 10043 overall, 1628 of 2018.]

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