Mediterranean Grill, Boston, MA (11-19-2018)

I picked up lunch today at Mediterranean Grill, which has a deli-style counter with sandwiches prepared to order and a display of ready-to-go pizza slices with assorted toppings. It’s a big menu.

My eye landed on the grilled honey turkey sandwich and it was ready quickly, wrapped in foil. I got a soda from their cooler and a bag of chips to go with it.

Back at the apartment, I unwrapped a still warm sandwich. Plenty of turkey on the grilled rye with a nice layer of melted cheese. Very tasty!

I’d choose them for lunch again.

[Review 10040 overall, 1624 of 2018.]

Link: Mediterranean Grill, Boston, MA (11-19-2018)

2018-11-13 12.08.55

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