KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amstelveen, NL (11-19-2018)

I have flown KLM four times in the last month, once Amsterdam/Porto/Amsterdam, and once Amsterdam/Helsinki/Amsterdam. Between these four times transiting the airport, I’ve had very similar experiences and none of them good.

To and from Porto, we were on a bus to a hard stand. I hate hard stands. Why do we have to take a super-crowded bus to a plane when AMS is allegedly one of the best airports in Europe? This is nonsense!

The boarding process sucks, but part of that is because the space for queueing is too narrow for economy and premium passengers to have separate spaces. And then the gate agents don’t seem to enforce it. Stupid.

Planes were on time, which is about the only good thing that I can say about it.

I fly Delta and I fly to and from Europe. So I will be continuing to spend time on KLM flights and I will grit my teeth and bear it because there really isn’t much choice. CDG and Air France are no better.

[Review 10043 overall, 1627 of 2018.]

Link: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amstelveen, NL (11-19-2018)

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