Gaga Seafood Restaurant, Boston, MA (11-19-2018)

My colleague and I headed to Gaga and had a solid Chinese dinner.

We avoided a few things on the menu, but if you’re one who likes “Fish head with Ginger & Scallion” or “Frog with Whole Garlic” then this is the spot. But if you want something else, then they have a huge options for more “Americanized” meals.

And American was what we ordered. Crab Rangoon were super hot and quite tasty with enough crab and cream cheese to shell ratio. Chicken wings were pretty good. Very hot from the fryer and reasonably battered, tasty. Shrimp and cashews had potential but was a miss – the platter was more than half cubed carrots and celery and less than half were shrimp and cashews. The shrimp were not veined and several of them had to be set to the side.

The hit was the beef lo mein which had an excellent flavor, plenty of beef and some onions. I would choose this plate again for sure.

Service was minimal – we nearly had to beg for a check but the pot of tea was good and the water was refilled when we could catch someone’s eye. Decor was also minimal but you’re not here for fancy.

Gaga is A-OK.

[Review 10041 overall, 1625 of 2018.]

Link: Gaga Seafood Restaurant, Boston, MA (11-19-2018)

2018-11-13 20.02.46

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