Bridgham & Cook, Ltd., Freeport, ME (11-17-2018)

This charming little shop is chock full of all sorts of interesting British goodies. From scarves and sweaters in a multitude of tartan colors and patterns to British cookies and teas, they have a ton of interesting stuff for the Anglophile in your life.

It was the roundel that caught my eye – the symbol of the London Underground – and so I stopped in for a browse and walked out with a small bunch of gifts for my wife and my daughter.

Prices aren’t cheap but they are definitely less than what you’ll pay to have things shipped over.

The store is clean and neat and very tidy.

[Review 10026 overall, 1610 of 2018.]

Link: Bridgham & Cook, Ltd., Freeport, ME (11-17-2018)

2018-11-12 14.00.38-1

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