World War One Memorial, Augusta, ME (11-14-2018)

This granite monument is at the center of a traffic circle not far from the Maine State House. The tall column has a statue at the top and at the base, three bronze plaques and reliefs that list those who fought and died during the Civil War. The plaque at the base reads, “In honor of her heroic sons who died in the War For The Union and to commend their example to succeeding generations, this monument is erected by the City of Augusta, AD 1881.”

There is also a World War One memorial in the same traffic circle that is shorter. The plaque on this one reads “To The Memory Of Our Heroic Dead Who Fought For The Liberty Of Humanity, 1917-1919.”

The grounds around the monuments are well kept.

[Review 10020 overall, 1603 of 2018.]

Link: World War One Memorial, Augusta, ME (11-14-2018)

2018-11-12 11.46.50

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