Walgreens, Augusta, ME (11-14-2018)

Grumble grumble… I managed to drop my sunglasses some time this morning and got a big scratch on them. As I was passing through Augusta, this Walgreens crept into my vision and so I stopped in for a replacement.

The store is the usual set up with personal care, greeting cards, drinks and snacks, cosmetics, over-the-counter medications and a full-service pharmacy. Sunglasses are on an end cap of one of the aisles with a reasonable selection and priced as low as $10 and higher than $20. I found a decent pair for $15 and paid for them at the front.

This Walgreens does have a drive-through for the pharmacy and a large parking lot.

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Link: Walgreens, Augusta, ME (11-14-2018)

2018-11-12 11.50.00

2018-11-12 11.50.00