Maine Turnpike Authority, Portland, ME (11-13-2018)

For as much driving as I did on the Maine Turnpike, from the New Hampshire border to Augusta and back, I think the $3 that they took from me each way is pretty good. The highway is well maintained, nice and smooth. There are a sufficient number of exits and rest areas, though there are entirely too many places for the Maine State Police to hide and run speed. I was only going 9 above in some places and since I was still being passed by others, I figure I was in good shape.

Hooray for E-Z Pass. Great to be able to not have to dig around for cash and wait in a queue. Boom, just drive through and you’re good. Though I would like to know why New Hampshire can do it at 65 mph but Maine is 10 mph.

Anyway, I’m a fan!

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Link: Maine Turnpike Authority, Portland, ME (11-13-2018)

2018-11-12 08.02.17

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