Downtown Diner, Augusta, ME (11-13-2018)

Classic diner with breakfasts and lunch items, I landed here at just after 11:00 AM and while they were still serving breakfast, I decided that it was time for lunch.

My BLT club was assembled and plated in the traditional manner. Quartered diagonally with toothpicks, fries piled in the center. The sandwich was a proper triple decker with a good portion of bacon, lettuce and tomato. Light on the mayo, though it was white bread rather than the rye I ordered. Not a complaint as it was still quite good.

A squeezie bottle of ketchup for the fries and I was good to go. Though I think the ketchup might have been Hunts rather than Heinz as it was a little sweet.

Service was good, the young lady who took care of me kept coffee and water filled. I was at a table that had an exposed power outlet, which was helpful.

Street parking or some public lots nearby.

[Review 10017 overall, round number 1600 of 2018.]

Link: Downtown Diner, Augusta, ME (11-13-2018)

2018-11-12 11.13.26-1

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