Dollar Car Rental, Boston, MA (11-12-2018)

I had no problem with my one-day rental, a deal I picked up and cheapened through Autoslash. Pick up was easy as I am a Dollar Express member. So I just went right past the counter and out to the garage where I gave the gent in the booth my name. He reminded me that I had reserved an Economy but I was more than welcome to take anything in the Full Size row. Bonus!

A choice of a dozen or so cars, I passed by the ones with Florida and California license plates, settling on a brown Kia Optima with Pennsylvania tags. The closest I could find to Massachusetts on the lot.

Other than the 38000 miles on the clock, the car was clean and drove well. It got reasonable 31 miles to the gallon for 333 miles of mostly highway driving at 75 to 80 mph.

Returning was easy enough with well posted signs and a clerk who was polite and helpful.

I would rent from them again here, though I would prefer a younger vehicle next time.

[Review 10008 overall, 1591 of 2018.]

Link: Dollar Car Rental, Boston, MA (11-12-2018)

2018-11-12 17.36.39-1

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