Loco Cocos Tacos, Kittery, ME (11-11-2018)

An unexpected find in Kittery, my Boston friend suggested it when I said that I was passing through. He was right – these are excellent!

I went right to the tacos menu and chose the three tacos platter, grilled shrimp. What arrived a few minutes later was a nicely plated trio, well stuffed with large shrimp, and topped with cabbage and onions and a tangy sauce, served with a small pot of a spicy salsa and a small bowl of rice and beans.

It was delicious from beginning to end. A little drippy as such things tend to be, but I kept it all on the plate.

They have a good selection of Mexican beers here, so I chose a Pacifico Clara. It was perfect with the shrimp tacos.

A super spot here in Kittery. Yum!

[Review 10006 overall, 1589 of 2018.]

Loco Cocos Tacos, Kittery, ME (11-11-2018)

2018-11-11 19.24.20

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