Dragon House Chinese Buffet, Charlotte, NC (11-11-2018)

Back to Dragon House to update what was my 48rd review of all time, and it’s safe to say that not much has changed here in nearly ten years.

The steam tables feature an array of various meats with sauces and vegetables. Much of the chicken or shrimp is battered and fried, the beef is grilled with onions and peppers, there are some choices in soups including a broth where you can add your own wontons. A cold table of salad items, dressings, (hot mustard!) and some basic sushi items is available.

The hibachi area is well stocked with items you can assemble for the chef to cook to order, including vegetables, proteins and such if you’re a fan of stir-fry.

The steam tables are well cared for and well stocked, even at 2:00 pm. Most of the items were reasonably fresh and did not appear to have been there for long. Tables are clean and there was nothing on the floor. Some of the benches have been taped because they’re well worn.

At lunch time, $9.05 plus drink. A bargain for sure.

My fortune cookie today was perfect: “An airplane ride is soon in your future sending you to fun!”

[Review 10005 overall, 1586 of 2018.]

Link: Dragon House Chinese Buffet, Charlotte, NC (11-11-2018)2018-11-10 14.13.13-1

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