RF O’Sullivan & Son, Somerville, MA (11-10-2018)

Now *that* was a burger. A half-pound of beef on a bun with LTO and they have a menu with two or three dozen different sets of toppings so that you can either choose one of their creations, or you can put together your own list of toppings.

I chose the Black and Blue, which came with a black-pepper crusted bun and a pouring of blue cheese dressing and crumbled bacon. It was super messy but super delicious.

Burgers come with fries or onion rings, or you can go half and half. I’d recommend the half and half, as the rings are wide slices of onion in a light batter and the fries are large/thick slices of potato. Both are excellent.

Decent selection of beers here too.

Check the sports schedules if you’re looking for something a little less raucous. This place feels like it gets quite rowdy when there’s a Boston team on the tube.

[Review 10002 overall, 1582 of 2018.]

Link: RF O’Sullivan & Son, Somerville, MA (11-10-2018)2018-11-08 19.26.39

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