Pret A Manger (176 Federal St), Boston, MA (11-10-2018)

Across the street from the Federal Reserve tower and South Station, this Pret gets a decent crowd for breakfast and for lunch. I stopped in for breakfast this morning and decided to stick around with my laptop for a bit.

Avocado Toast sandwich was excellent. A very good portion of avocado on a grain-heavy bread. It even came with a wedge of lemon!

With it, I had a flat white. Served in a paper cup, which seemed odd, but it was an excellent coffee. Very good foam, rich coffee, it needed nothing added.

I’m a huge fan of Pret for sure!

[Review 10005 overall, 1585 of 2018.]

Link: Pret A Manger (176 Federal St), Boston, MA (11-10-2018)

2018-11-08 06.54.22

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  1. Hi,

    the Prets in the U.S. are a little different from the food according to the national taste. But the staff treatment is the same as in the UK and everywhere.

    I collected staff complaints from review websites and found a few on Boston:

    and Boston:

    In Pret staff are bullied even during bereavement. I survived to write about it.

    Thanks for reading.


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