SkyWalk Observatory, Boston, MA (11-9-2018)

It has taken me nearly ten years to get to this point and here it is… my 10,000th review. It landed on the Skywalk Observatory in Boston’s Prudential Tower. Fifty stories up from street level and you have a great perspective on this lovely city.

I was last up here in 1988 when I was a college student nearby and it honestly has not changed very much since then. They have given the space a bit of a theme so that it is more than just looking out the windows. All about immigration with some recorded voices talking about the Irish immigrants, there is a three player game with questions about the US government and immigration test and there is of course a gift shop where you can buy some Prudential Tower and Boston trinkets.

During today’s visit, a portion of the observatory facing south was closed to the public for some sort of private event. As such, the usual $20 entrance fee was reduced to $12. That seems fair. I could still see 80% of the view and that was plenty.

And what a view it was! A nearly perfectly clear day, I could see for miles and I could see close up well too. With the sun about to set, the lighting on the buildings in Back Bay and the Financial District were very good. Kenmore Square was visible as was Fenway Park. Of course, the airport and the harbor were beautiful today.

Definitely the spot to bring your friends from out of town. Keep an eye on the weather and ensure a clear day otherwise it is really not worth it.

ROUND NUMBER – 10,000 overall. And my 1580th review of 2018!

Link: SkyWalk Observatory, Boston, MA (11-9-2018)2018-11-08 16.05.09.jpg

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