Savin Hill MBTA Station, Boston, MA (11-9-2018)

A year into my quest to visit and review every single MBTA subway station in Boston, it is finally complete with today’s stop at Savin Hill.

Savin Hill is on the Ashmont branch of the Red Line. It is an above ground station and is next to Interstate 93. It is between JFK/UMass (inbound) and Fields Corner (outbound).

Located below the crossover of Savin Hill Avenue, the station is handicapped accessible with an elevator between the platform level and the ticketing concourse. There are audible and visible announcements of the next train in either direction.

The station has the usual automated ticket vending machines to purchase a Charlie Ticket or add value to your Charlie Card. A staff booth was unoccupied when I was here in the afternoon.

The station platform is covered but quite breezy. I would imagine it gets very cold while you’re waiting for a train.

Woohoo, I have now been to every station on the Red, Orange, Blue and Green lines from Lechmere to Reservoir, Forest Hills to Oak Grove, Wonderland to Bowdoin and Alewife to Ashmont. Woot!

[Review 9999 overall, 1579 of 2018.]2018-11-08 15.20.10-1

Link: Savin Hill MBTA Station, Boston, MA (11-9-2018)

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