Dunkin’ Donuts (Franklin St), Boston, MA (11-9-2018)

Smaller Dunkin location with a few stools at a counter facing the window, but no more seating than that. It is a narrow restaurant and that causes some crowding between people coming in to the place and others who are waiting for their orders to be prepared. This could be better.

Just a coffee this morning, the young lady who rang me up was efficient and I was able to pay for it with the bar code on the app on my phone. Two glass counters of donuts looking fresh were tempting but I managed to pass on them.

The place is at the ground level of one of the taller office towers in the financial district, so it gets quite busy with office workers.

[Review 9998 overall, 1578 of 2018.]

Link: Dunkin’ Donuts (Franklin St), Boston, MA (11-9-2018)

2018-11-08 08.16.52

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