Buttercup, Natick, MA (11-9-2018)

Monthly meet up with my friends as we explore the Massachusetts suburbs, this month we’re in Natick. Buttercup is a very short walk from the Natick Center station.

You’ll want to make a reservation (they are on Reserve not OpenTable), but they were able to get our party in and we had a table next to the kitchen area. The kitchen is open and they have a half-dozen stools at a counter that faces right into the kitchen. I’d definitely sit there next time for a smaller party. Definitely a fancy restaurant,

For starters, we had a cheese platter that included three cheeses, sliced green apples and some marcona almonds. Very delicious and a great starter.

For mains, I chose the bolognaise. Made with beef, lamb and veal (no pork!), it was very delicious. Pasta was cooked al dente, the sauce was rich and meaty and cheese. Tasty!

No dessert this time, though the cobbler with ice cream would have been my choice.

[Review 9997 overall, 1577 of 2018.]

Buttercup, Natick, MA (11-9-2018)2018-11-07 17.55.35

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