Natick Center Commuter Rail Station, Natick, MA (11-8-2018)

Eponymously named, Natick Center is close to the Natick city hall and the downtown shopping core of the city. The station is below grade and features a small parking lot of 70 or so spaces, operated by the City of Natick.

The station is not handicapped accessible with significant accessibility barriers. It is located in Zone 4 of the MBTA system and at the moment, a one-way fare between here and South Station is $8.25.

Natick Center is on the Framingham/Worcester Line, between Wellesley Square (inbound) and West Natick (outbound). It is about an hour from South Station to here. You can purchase a ticket onboard with cash, or use the mTicket app. Conductors will check tickets onboard.

[Review 9992 overall, 1572 of 2018.]

Link: Natick Center Commuter Rail Station, Natick, MA (11-8-2018)

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