Archie’s Place, Boston, MA (11-8-2018)

Breakfast and lunch spot in Pi Alley around the corner from the Old City Hall in Boston, Archie’s has a big board of sandwiches and platters with steam tables loaded up with today’s specials. Lots of local office workers know about this place, which has a dozen or so tables for eating in.

I was in a gyro mood and so that’s what I had for lunch today. Very well loaded with a beef/lamb meat that was grilled to order and loaded up into a pita bread with “everything” that took a couple of minutes to be prepared. Tomato, lettuce, red onion and tzatziki sauce. It was delicious and surprisingly not drippy.

Several racks of potato chips (including “Dirty Chips”) and a few coolers of bottled drinks and juices.

It’s a clean restaurant and there’s enough room for the lunch crowd.

[Review 9991 overall, 1571 of 2018.]

Link: 2018-11-07 12.18.17-1Archie’s Place, Boston, MA (11-8-2018)

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