Benevento’s, Boston, MA (11-7-2018)

Dinner with a colleague to satisfy my urge for pasta. We were mostly alone here in Benevento’s and the service was excellent.

To start, we ordered the “Little Jon” pizza. It is definitely too big for one and a great to share, this was nicely loaded with chicken and fresh herbs. Very tasty, a thin crust that was quite firm.

For main course, my colleague chose the bolognese and I chose the Pasta Benevento. A large portion of penne noodles with chicken and sun dried tomatoes and peas and cream. Very tasty and it reheated well the next day.

Service was good but we were not offered any fresh grated cheese even though there was a big block of it nearby. I ended up helping myself. She did keep drinks refilled which was nice.

A good meal that hit the spot.

[Review 9990 overall, 1570 of 2018.]

Link: Benevento’s, Boston, MA (11-7-2018)2018-11-05 19.59.14-1

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