Jolly Rolls Ice Cream, Pineville, NC (11-6-2018)

I like this concept, having seen it in Boston’s Chinatown. I had no idea that it had gone mainstream and there’s now a chain of rolled ice cream shops in the Charlotte area.

Here’s how it works. Pick your flavor. Pick your toppings. It’s mixed up and poured out onto a freezing cold platter. This changes it from liquid to solid. The ice cream expert then carefully rolls them up and slides them into the cup.

Strawberries, chocolate, marshmallow cream, nutella, caramel syrup, graham crackers, all sorts of interesting stuff. Some of them pre-chosen or you can make up your own.

It’s clever and it’s innovative. I like this concept a lot.

[Review 9982 overall, 1562 of 2018.]

Link: Jolly Rolls Ice Cream, Pineville, NC (11-6-2018)

2018-11-04 15.18.50

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