Sears, Pineville, NC (11-5-2018)

Rush out right now because this is one of the Sears locations that is closing. There are ample signs throughout the store that everything is 10% to 40% off. Yep, appliances, clothing, furniture, tools, it’s all going to be priced down at the register.

I have never seen a Sears this busy and it’s kind of sad. Almost like vultures, but this is the world of retail. Walmart came along and then Amazon finished them off. Sears was not able to innovate quickly enough to compete in the new world.

Lots of stuff still here as of Sunday, I’m sure the discounts will get deeper until there’s finally nothing left but fixtures and signage.

[Review 9976 overall, 1556 of 2018.]

Link: Sears, Pineville, NC (11-5-2018)

2018-11-04 14.56.36

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