Terrace – Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC (11-3-2018)

Service was outstanding. Courtney was excellent. Friendly, helpful and completely knowledgeable about the menu. Courtney saved this from being a two-star review.

My wife ordered the surf and turf. A big hunk of meat on top of vegetables and then topped with a layover of pimento cheese and then a few fried oysters. The oysters were almost entirely batter and tasted nothing of oysters. The steak – once we got a steak knife because the kitchen had to wash one – was still almost unsliceable. It was at least cooked to order.

I chose the Reuben sandwich and it was tasty if a little greasy from the melted cheese and the slaw on top. I ended up eating most of it with knife and fork. Better with the corn risotto than fries, for sure.

Perhaps we’ll return to Terrace, but if we do it will be without a steak.

[Review 9964 overall, 1544 of 2018.]

Link: Terrace – Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC (11-3-2018)

2018-11-01 20.12.58


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