Nordstrom SouthPark, Charlotte, NC (11-3-2018)

SouthPark is already a fancy mall and Nordstrom here just takes it up to the top notch. It is a high-end department store and is heavily loaded with higher quality and more expensive fashion.

I managed to avoid spending a kilobuck here only because I know my wife would kill me. But I did look at the suits, the dress shirts and the slacks, finding some nice stuff but nothing within my price range.

It was clear that I was putting out a “I don’t need assistance, thank you” vibe as I was not contacted by sales folks while I walked through menswear on the way to my errand elsewhere in the store.

[Review 9965 overall, 1545 of 2018.]

Link: Nordstrom SouthPark, Charlotte, NC (11-3-2018)

2018-11-02 10.46.04-1

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