Michel Et Augustin, Gowanus, NY (11-3-2018)

Hooray for Delta Airlines, who stocks the Michel Et Augustin cookies in their “extended” snack basket. Yeah, the regular snack basket is Biscoffs and pretzels (and sometimes, peanuts). But when you’re in the seats close to the front of the plane, you might luck out and spot these amazing cookies.

“Two Kooky Cookies” are these shortbread style cookies with chocolate in the center. It’s like swimming in a chocolate pool surrounded by delicious cookie. Four in a pack which is just enough to enjoy the first one slowly, wolf down numbers two and three, then realize that there’s only one left and so you’ll eat this one extra slowly.

Amazing cookies and I’d love to go and visit the facility!

[Review 9963 overall, 1543 of 2018.]

Link: Michel Et Augustin, Gowanus, NY (11-3-2018)2018-11-01 17.49.57

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