Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, Charlotte, NC (11-3-2018)

I’ve been a resident of Mecklenburg County for a dozen years now and I’ve voted in just about every election during that time. I believe that the Board of Elections here does a fine job.

Sure, they’re legally required to have specific dates and times for voting. But I believe that they go above and beyond that with locations for early voting – 19 different sites throughout the county. There are two within four miles of my home!

Today, I arrived at one of the facilities to cast my vote. A reasonable amount of parking, an organized system for queueing, clearly marked lines for campaigners to stay behind, and inside, a tidy and organized system. Plenty of poll workers to ensure a quick and easy time to get your ballot details and then to vote. My touchscreen worked fine, printing out a paper trail that I could see. None of that “I voted for this guy but it changed my vote to that guy” nonsense here.

Easy and simple to perform my civic duty. I’m a fan.

[Review 9962 overall, 1542 of 2018.]

Link: Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, Charlotte, NC (11-3-2018)2018-11-03 11.39.21

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