FitBit Headquarters, San Francisco, CA (11-3-2018)

Located about 1,000 steps from the Yelp HQ, the FitBit HQ is where the corporate people are based. No, you can’t just walk in and no, you can’t obtain FitBit equipment here. This is an office. This is the spot to review the FitBit company and you don’t even have to walk to get here!

I’ve been FitBitting since January 2016 and in that time, I’ve climbed 3100 floors and walked nearly 11,000,000 steps. That apparently works out to around 5,300 miles which is the distance from New York to Los Angeles and back.

I’ve been through three different models of FitBit in that time, lately settling on the Alta HR which gives me my heart rate. That has been rather useful to see at times and I’m really happy to have it. The accountability is also awesome.

The FitBit device has a BlueTooth transmitter in it. This is used to sync the data to my phone which is then uploaded to the FitBit servers and tracked. It was super easy to set up and it just does its thing. One full charge lasts me around seven days and it takes about an hour to charge up.

They have a range of devices these days and they’re quite accessorizable, with various bands and faces available. I like the plain black band and I’ve gotten aftermarket ones from Amazon that work just fine. Some just count steps, some of them have watch faces, some do much more than that. I like easy and I love my little FitBit!

[Review 9967 overall, 1547 of 2018.]

Link: FitBit Headquarters, San Francisco, CA (11-3-2018)


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