U S Post Office, Pineville, NC (11-2-2018)

When you’ve got something to mail, the post office is here to get that done for you. Easy, right? What else would you like to know about this particular outlet of the United States Postal Service?

They do not have an automated vending kiosk in the lobby.
They have a small parking lot.
They only have two desks and no good space to queue.
They do have post office boxes. Lots of them.
They do have a drive through drop with the mailbox on the correct side for drivers.
The clerk who helped me was pleasant.

Hooray for a $24 overnight envelope to New Hampshire. It’s not like I could fly there and hand-deliver it for that much.

[Review 9961 overall, 1541 of 2018.]

Link: U S Post Office, Pineville, NC (11-2-2018)

2018-11-01 11.23.17

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