Redbones BBQ, Somerville, MA (11-2-2018)

Very good barbecue, especially considering that we’re at least three hundred miles north of the Mason-Dixon line. Arriving on a weeknight, we asked our hostess which was more fun, upstairs or downstairs? We were already a little “happy” from a couple of rounds at Sligo. Downstairs where Josh took excellent care of us. He immediately got the mood tonight, giving us just as much crap as we gave him and making for a fun meal.

Fried pickles to start were great. A very large portion – enough for the five of us to share easily. Every so often, one of the jalapenos in there gave it a little kick and that was excellent.

Main course, I chose the ribs and brisket plate. An excellent portion, half of which is still sitting in the fridge to be consumed later. The ribs were nicely grilled and a little black. Very tasty. The brisket had a very good ring and was very moist. They have “Hot” and “Sweet” sauce on the table, but I used neither.

Sides of cole slaw and mac & cheese were good. The mac and cheese was quite cheesy and the noodles were firm. Tasty.

They do offer a HUGE beer here and I went all in. Drank the whole thing and was not the last at the table to finish.

A great meal and a fun time at Redbones. Solid ‘cue.

[Review 9959 overall, 1539 of 2018.]

Link: Redbones BBQ, Somerville, MA (11-2-2018)2018-10-30 21.02.44-1

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