Sligo Pub, Somerville, MA (11-1-2018)

Townie bar. This is not the spot you go to for margaritas or daiquiris. This is a drinking bar. Scarred up tables, bar stools that have probably seen a head or two, and a proper Guinness in a pint glass. Of course, it’s an American pint and not an Imperial one but I’ll let that slide.

My local friend was here to ensure translation from “American” to “Townie” and she purchased the first round. After that, it was easy drinking for a while.

You have got to check out the bathrooms, if only for giggles. They’re smaller than the lavatory on an American Airlines 737.

[Review 9956 overall, 1536 of 2018.]

Link: Sligo Pub, Somerville, MA (11-1-2018)

2018-10-30 19.16.43

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