Lolita Cocina & Tequila Fort Point, Boston, MA (11-1-2018)

Dinner with three friends this evening and it was terrific. Great service and concept, from the palate cleanser with dry ice steaming away to the final sweetness of cotton candy.

Lolitas is tapas-style. I’d recommend getting two plates per person and understand that there’s going to be some sharing involved.

We got a plate of street corn. Four half-corn cobs with sticks stuck in them for eating. Perfectly cooked and nicely rolled in cheese and spices. Really delicious and perfect for sharing.

Chicken wings were excellent. Nicely cooked and sauced but not too much sauce and not too spicy. The dipping sauce with them was tangy and delicious.

I chose the mahi mahi tacos and I wish I’d gotten a picture. A nice portion of fish on the tortillas, very tasty with a small squeeze of lime. Two tacos, which would be been great for sharing and swapping with someone who might have gotten a different choice.

The only knock was the “Diablo” margarita which didn’t have any of the promised heat to it.

A great meal and a good time. It’s a nicely decorated restaurant and the service was good. I can see returning here.

[Review 9953 overall, 1533 of 2018.]

Link: 2018-10-29 19.05.44Lolita Cocina & Tequila Fort Point, Boston, MA (11-1-2018)


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