Ascendus by Ed Carpenter, Charlotte, NC (11-1-2018)

If you’ve headed to the airport from Billy Graham Parkway, you’ve seen the large metal art structure at the turnoff for Josh Birmingham. It’s called “Ascendus” and it has been here since 2012.

Sixty feet tall and 25 feet wide, it is lit by 54 separate LED floodlights after dark. It’s definitely a landmark. Shaped to emulate the spirit of flight looking like planes or a bird taking off.

Amazingly, it only cost $381,000 and was paid for out of the city of Charlotte’s arts budget.

[Review 9951 overall, 1531 of 2018.]

Link: Ascendus by Ed Carpenter, Charlotte, NC (11-1-2018)

2018-10-28 13.33.02

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