Men’s Wearhouse, Pineville, NC (10-31-2018)

I had a problem with the tuxedo that I ordered over the Internet. I know I should have just done it at the store but it was so convenient! So here I am at the nearest store and even though they earned nothing on the original rental, these folks were super awesome! Friendly, helpful, they just ordered a replacement. Like nothing. No charge, no hassle, just come back and pick it up. And I can return the one that I got over the Internet here too when I’m done with it. How awesome is that?

Prices? Well, they’re high. It’s great stuff but it’s definitely not cheap.

[Review 9950 overall, 1530 of 2018.]

Link: Men’s Wearhouse, Pineville, NC (10-31-2018)2018-10-27 15.59.49

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