Melt, Worcester, MA (10-31-2018)

Melt or poutine? Melt or poutine? So hard to decide and while I would normally ask, “Why not both?” I decided to just get a sandwich today.

Friendly service, a list of a half-dozen on the Melt Menu and I decided that the “Buffalo Chicken” would be the choice for today. And I’m sorry, I opted to go without fries.

Unwrapping back at the desk, this is a serious sandwich. Full-sized and loaded with spicy chicken and melted cheese on grilled bread. First bite? Delicious! Tenth bite? Still delicious!

It’s a little messy as one would expect for a melty cheese sandwich loaded with loose shredded chicken in sauce. But it’s oh so good.

[Review 9948 overall, 1527 of 2018.]

Link: Melt, Worcester, MA (10-31-2018)

2018-10-26 12.52.02

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