China Buffet (UPDATED), Pineville, MA (10-31-2018)

It’s really been six years since I was here last and I would say that not much has changed. The Chinese food options are still the usual chicken in sauce or fried bits of meat in batter, there are a few choice that are perhaps a little less loaded in fat. I did get a couple of dumplings (grilled, not steamed) and a small pile of wontons.

The sushi display is fresh looking and in good condition. Tidy and with no loose bits scattered about as one might see in a lesser establishment. Some that aren’t covered in sauce or fried, which was nice.

Service was good with empty dishes cleared and water refilled.

[Review 9949 overall, 1529 of 2018.]

Link: China Buffet (UPDATED), Pineville, MA (10-31-2018)

2018-10-27 14.59.20

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