Mother Anna’s Restaurant, Boston, MA (10-28-2018)

Thoroughly enjoyable dinner on a Thursday evening. We arrived a full hour after my OpenTable reservation (my friend’s plane was delayed) but we were not only seated but I got the credit for my reservation!

We ordered the stuffed mushrooms to start and they were excellent. Very hot but nicely shaped crab stuffing that was delicious. Only five, but they’re a good size. Delicious.

For main course, I chose the Chicken Creation. A caesar salad to start was large with a light dressing and plenty of shaved cheese on top. Very nice, with some black pepper. The chicken arrived on time and was great. Thin chicken breast topped with ham and eggplant and cheese in a white wine and lemon sauce. Absolutely tasty and I ate the whole thing, even soaking up much of the sauce with bread.

I’ll agree with other reviewers – the table bread is the only thing that’s not 100% here. Everything else, prices, location, service, really good.

[Review 9943 overall, 1522 of 2018.]

Link: Mother Anna’s Restaurant, Boston, MA (10-28-2018)

2018-10-25 21.21.00

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