MBTA Quincy North Station, Quincy, MA (10-29-2018)

Above ground metro station serving Quincy MA, this station also features an 800-space parking area. It is handicapped accessible with elevators and escalators between street level and ticketing areas. There are audible and visual announcements of the next train in both directions.

This station had a staff person here when I visited. The station is clean and free of graffiti.

There are automated ticket vending machines so that you can purchase a Charlie Ticket or add value to your Charlie Card.

North Quincy is on the Braintree branch of the Red Line between JFK/UMass (inbound) and Wollaston (currently closed for remodeling, so Quincy Center, outbound).

[Review 9946 overall, 1525 of 2018.]

Link: MBTA Quincy North Station, Quincy, MA (10-29-2018)

2018-10-26 08.32.59-1


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