MBTA Quincy Adams Station, Quincy, MA (10-28-2018)

Above ground Red Line station on the Braintree branch, Quincy Adams is A-OK. The station is completely handicapped accessible with elevators from street level to the ticketing concourse and then another set from the ticketing to the train platform. There are audible and visual announcements of the next train in either direction.

The station features an island platform, so the doors will open on the left side. The platform itself is above street level so there is some exposure to the cold winds but there are a number of baffles built so that it’s not too bad. In day time, the station was very well lit and in good condition. No litter or graffiti that I saw.

There is a very large parking deck and an outside parking lot located here, with room for over 2500 cars. As the station is located next to the Interstate, this is a great opportunity for commuters.

Quincy Adams is between Braintree (outbound, the terminus for this branch) and Quincy Center (inbound).

[Review 9944 overall, 1523 of 2018.]

Link: MBTA Quincy Adams Station, Quincy, MA (10-28-2018)

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