China Visa Service Center, Washington, DC (10-29-2018)

I completely forgot about the excellent service that I had from China Visa Service Center and so here we are, eight months later to share.

The web site was easy enough. Fill out the forms and follow the instructions. The instructions were clear enough and the forms printed properly. I provided payment and received an instant confirmation.

Including my US passport and the required photos, I sent it off by UPS Next Day air for Monday delivery. I got a confirmation email from them that the package was received and being processed. And later that day, an email that my visa was approved and would be shipped soon.

I did pay for expedited service and handling, my passport with the visa enclosed arrived not even a week later. Holy cow!

A month later, I took my trip to Beijing (Delta through Detroit in Premium Select!) and there was no issue at the airport. I had a great time in China and my only issue there is that there’s still no Yelp in Mainland China.

Five stars for China Visa Service Center. They made a commitment and exceeded it. I’m very pleased.

[Review 9945 overall, 1524 of 2018.]

Link: China Visa Service Center, Washington, DC (10-29-2018)

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