The Well, Boston, MA (10-28-2018)

At the top of State Street in a space that used to be run by Pret, this coffee shop has some stiff competition for caffeine as the green siren lady is across the way, an chain Italian coffee shop just opened in another direction and there are two outlets of the donut people within a stone’s throw. But that’s okay because competition is good for us consumers.

The space is still filling out. There are some tables and stools at the counters by the window, but it seems like there’s a big space in the center where some more furniture might be due.

I had a quick drip coffee today. Quite tasty and rich.

Definitely back to The Well.

[Review 9941 overall, 1520 of 2018.]

Link: The Well, Boston, MA (10-28-2018)

2018-10-24 13.21.53

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