Central Wharf Co, Boston, MA (10-28-2018)

Two short blocks from the touristy areas of Faneuil Hall, Central Wharf is a nice sit-down restaurant with a lot of charm. Clearly aiming for a waterside theme, the restaurant is decorated with portholes and aged wood. I’m not sure the point of the three-foot-tall “SALTY” in the dining room but it’s okay.

We got the pretzel and a shrimp pizza to start. The pretzel was nice, served with a small pot of a beer cheese sauce for dipping. The shrimp pizza ended up being the short rib pizza and when we mentioned it, the waitress took both off our check with no problem.

The short rib was good but light on meat and heavy on onions. I wouldn’t recommend it. The shrimp pizza, when it arrived, was excellent. A white sauce with a good amount of seafood and halved cherry tomatoes. We enjoyed it.

For main course, I ordered the lobster roll. A disappointment as it was nearly as much onion and celery as it was lobster meat. Too much mayo. The hand-made chips were not hot and were overly crunchy. I wouldn’t have this again.

Other than the wrong pizza, we did have to remind our waitress to refresh our drinks. As we were charged $2.50 each for a Coke and a soda water, more than one would be good.

It’s a nice restaurant in a nice part of the financial district. It’s just A-OK for me.

[Review 9939 overall, 1518 of 2018.]

Link: Central Wharf Co, Boston, MA (10-28-2018)

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