Sauceman’s, Charlotte, NC (10-27-2018)

Back to Sauceman’s after a few years to meet with an out-of-town friend and show him some of the great barbecue we have here in town. I suggested Sauceman’s as they are conveniently located and have parking.

I opted for the brisket instead of the ribs today. Very delicious and needing none of the sauces from the table. A thick slice of beef that was quite “moist” and I cut that bit off and to set it to the side.

The hush puppies were excellent, the pickles and bits of onion were yummy. Mac & cheese was a very sharp cheese that was delicious.

Coke fountain, urns of sweet and unsweet tea, they also have a bar with bottled and draft beer including locally brewed beers.

[Review 9928 overall, 1506 of 2018.]

Link: Sauceman’s, Charlotte, NC (10-27-2018)

2018-10-20 12.13.32

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