Kenmore Square, Boston, MA (10-27-2018)

It’s hard to miss the famous Kenmore Square as it’s close to Fenway Park and the infamous symbol of Boston, the Citgo sign.

Originally a swampy corner of Brookline, it really started to be developed in the 1880s with streetcar tracks on Beacon Street. These eventally became the “C” branch of the T and then tracks on Commonwealth Avenue became the “B” branch. Remember, the MBTA is the oldest underground railway in America!

Today, the area is surrounded by restaurants of both higher-end and takeaway and fast food. Hotels and apartments including the Kenmore Abbey.

It’s a busy intersection with cars, trucks, buses and the underground T. Tread carefully as a pedestrian.

If you’re headed to Fenway Park, get off the T here. Don’t go to Fenway T station.

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Link: Kenmore Square, Boston, MA (10-27-2018)
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